“Dennis, I cannot find the words to package the gratitude for yesterday’s session. Less than a minute of you wrapping up staff were coming to me with raving comments about you. I was taken aback that staff were thanking me for the work you did. We carried on in the pub afterwards with you being the buzz of the conversation. The thing about this group is they (including myself) are here because of a passion or love of the resource. It’s very obvious you have found the same in the work you do.”
Heather Millen

“I just wanted to reiterate how much we enjoyed your presentation and I am quite sure we will be coming back to you in the future for some additional help. Many of the staff commented on how much the session applied to what we are going through now and in the near future so you were right on the mark.”
Brenda Walton, Associate Registrar
Douglas College

“This course was excellent I’ve been to several courses on Customer Service and this is definitely the best one – excellent reference material for review after the workshop. I’ve learned that attitude is the most important attribute. I would recommend that everyone in the organization does this workshop.”

“Of the many workshops I’ve taken, yours was the only one where I really felt encouraged and got the motivation to act. With others I thought “that was really nice to listen to and now let’s go back to work the way it was.” Whether it was you or the workshop itself, it got me started and kept me going all these years.”
Ron Everett, Deputy Director of Permits and Licenses
The Municipality of Delta

“Over my career in local government I have gone to a number of conferences and heard a number of presentations but looking back there are only a few that I remember. Last fall I attended the annual Vancouver Island Local Government Management Association conference in Sooke and on the agenda was this guy called Dennis Hilton. Never met him, I didn’t know who he was. But after he finished presenting, I remember saying; “THAT, was one of the best presentations I have ever heard”; and it had to do with employee engagement. After hearing him speak, I came to the conclusion that employee engagement is the single most important factor in the success of any organization.”

Peter Whipper – City Clerk for the City of Campbell River

In all the courses I have attended to date, this one by far was the most interactive, engaging and I enjoyed attending this
course. Dennis is the best facilitator I have had to date and would be a bonus to APS (Alberta Public Service) if he could instruct other courses in
the SCP (Supervisor Competency Program).

This is my last SCP (Supervisor Competency Program) course. It was BY FAR the BEST ONE in the series. Both the course itself and the facilitator were
EXCELLENT. Every supervisor in the GOA (Government of Alberta) should be made to take this course whether they are enrolled in the SCP or not.

I am currently in the Management Coaching Process and while the coaching process is going okay, I really wish I had the
opportunity to have someone like Denis Hilton as my coach.

Thank you very much. I feel that this training was very beneficial for me and I will definitely be applying concepts from this
course into both my professional and personal life.

The instructor was great. He was engaging and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He allowed the class to dig
deeper in some areas by letting discussion happen and maintained the overall flow of the course. This was a great

(What did you like best?) Instructor – engaging and very enlightening. Best instructor that I have had in the SCP program…and in extension GOA

Absolutely fabulous. Dennis was incredible.

Comments from Government of Alberta employees who attended a two day “Supervising Service Excellence” Class,  December 2013