Find Your Scenario

Pulled in Too Many Directions

For many small business owners there are way too many demands on their time. No matter how hard you work or how organized you are there is always something that is missed. You know it is valuable to spend time “on your business” (strategy, process improvement, training staff etc.) instead of “in your business” (doing the day to day activities required to deliver your product or service) but strategies you know will improve your business results are always scheduled for next week. The problems and minor irritations persist and never seem to get fixed which gets everyone down, never mind actually implementing new ideas that will improve the bottom line.

Solution: Stop killing yourself and or beating yourself up. You are not supposed to be able to do everything. When you hire us we will work with you to determine what incremental changes are going to produce the best results and then we make sure that they are implemented. You may already know exactly what you want to do but by hiring us it will actually get done.

Damn it Dennis I am a doctor not a businessman

So you worked hard at perfecting your craft as a lawyer, carpenter, plumber, or accountant etc. and became so good at it you started your own business because you believed that you could do it better than most other people out there. And the good news is you were right! Your customers loved you and you became so busy you had to hire more people and even more people just to meet the demand. Oh Oh! now you are starting to get complaints from your customers. The people you hired aren’t doing it the way you did it even though you have “told them a thousand times”. It seems like you should go back to just doing it all yourself because then you know it will be done right but you are working yourself to death.

Solution: Managing people is perhaps the most difficult part of a growing small business. How do you motivate them? Keep them happy? Train them properly? Over the past 20 years we have developed proven strategies for managing people and processes that will deliver the results you want. We will work with you to identify exactly what will have the biggest impact on your business and your life and then make it happen.

Is this all there is?

Your business is working but you can’t shake the feeling that there is something more. If that is what you are feeling then you are probably right. Making money is one of the possible outcomes of running a successful business. But what else is there? What about happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction? What if it were possible to have it all with the same amount of effort?

Solution: This goes to the core of what we believe. When you pay attention to your purpose as well as your goals amazing things happen. You do not have to be manufacturing zero emission cars to have a profound impact on our world. Meet with us to discuss how your business can be part of the global change for good without sacrificing your profits.

I want more revenue but I hate selling

You keep saying to yourself that if only more people knew about our company we would be more successful but I hate selling and I can’t afford don’t want a sales person. This is extremely common in business.

Solution: We help to reprogram you and your staff and implement strategies that will improve your revenue guaranteed!

Something is missing

I have a moderately successful business but I am not enjoying it anymore.

Solution: When you hire us, we will work with you to figure out what is missing, that if it were present, would make all the difference. Sounds pretty simple right? Then why haven’t you done it? In this case we will be the catalyst for change. We will help you to see what mental models are keeping you stuck in this rut of unhappiness.

Our people keep leaving

Jeff Hargett, who is the senior corporate director of culture transformation for the Ritz-Carlton encourages businesses to be clear on how much it costs you to hire and train a new employee. A bank he worked with pegged that number for a teller at $8,000. A car dealership at $50,000! This does not include a potential loss of revenue from hiring a bad employee. This is a problem that is only going to get worse with the changing demographics in Canada

Solution: Learn how to become an employer of choice. How does the Ritz-Carlton have a staff turnover ratio of 20% when the industry standard is 65%? It is certainly not because the expect less of their staff. We will work with you to identify areas for improvement or to implement our step by step process.

We have lost our way

“This is not what i envisioned when I started this company.” You started your business and it grew to be a large enterprise with multiple locations and everything was going great. But something has happened. The staff are unhappy and so are the customers? We keep trying things but it doesn’t seem to get to the route of the problem

Solution: Perhaps it is time for a fresh sets of eyes. An external investigation will often uncover truth’s that an internal investigation will not. Sometimes in sports as in business, the players/staff need to hear a different voice, even if it is saying the same things. We have experience being that voice and knowing what to say.

I know exactly what I need

My business is going great. My staff and customers are happy and I have a plan and am on track. I know exactly what the next steps are but i don’t have the time to do them. I just need someone to help implement some elements of the plan to take me to the next level.

Solution: Book a free consultation, let us know what your plan is, and what you need and we will tell you how we would help you. We are here for a good time but not a long time. We give you the help you need to get you to the next level.

Issues our work address

  1. Lack of employee motivation
  2. You are not enjoying running your own business
  3. Employees are unhappy
  4. Employees retention issues
  5. Employee attraction problems
  6. Sales Confusion
  7. Overcoming sales reluctance
  8. Your performance management system is not producing the desired results
  9. There are managers and supervisors that people distrust or dislike
  10. The business is not meeting its revenue targets
  11. There are ongoing customer service concerns
  12. Teams are under performing
  13. There a conflicts between individuals
  14. People have poor conflict resolution skills
  15. People are having a difficult time dealing with changes that are coming or have occurred
  16. You are not sure what should be measured in order to obtain the results you want
  17. You are working hard but not producing the desired results