Why Hire Us

Improving your business can have dramatic results. If your financial advisor told you about an investment that would pay you a 100% return on your investment every year would you do it? (Assuming you actually trust your advisor) Of course you would. Investing in your business can have those results and sometimes much more. If you would like us to explore what the possible return on your investment would be from hiring us, please give us a call. As a business owner you may recognize yourself in the scenarios below. If you do, give us a contact us for a no charge consultation.


How We Are Different

We develop people, leaders, and teams that deliver outstanding results.

We are able to deliver on this promise because of our strong personal development background. We take an approach to changing behaviors  and improving results that most trainers simply do not have the skills to do.  We do not just provide tools and information to help companies improve their results, we also deal with the root cause of the habits that are holding teams back from outstanding success.
When helping to implement change we always deal with these three things in order to set up the change to be successful.
One is ensuring that employees truly understand “what is in it for them” to support the change.
Two is shining the light on individuals relationship to change because “what you don’t know, you don’t know” controls you and your organization and severely impacts the successful implementation of any change efforts.
Three is we use a model called “the Better Results Model” which Dennis has been working with and developing for over 25 years. This provides a very practical tool that can be used by management and staff alike to deal with the mental models that hold people back.