Reasons or Results

This article provides excellent context for this course.

Expected Outcomes for Reasons or Results … YOU Choose.

Participants Will:

  1. Learn how to minimize frustration
  2. Become more influential
  3. Learn how to be someone that everyone wants on their team
  4. Know exactly how to make their customers love them
  5. Overcome their self doubt and other limiting beliefs
  6. Learn how to help others overcome their self doubt and other limiting beliefs
  7. Learn leadership principles that make people want to follow them
  8. Understand what is preventing them from getting to the next level
  9. Learn how to make work more fulfilling so that they actually enjoy coming to work everyday

For Organizations

This program was developed to increase the following competencies

  1. Results Focused
  2. Service Oriented
  3. Teamwork
  4. People Skills
  5. Attitude

Organizations will have:

  1. A common language for improving results
  2. Increased accountability
  3. People willing to be more responsible for organizational success
  4. Increased job satisfaction
  5. Improved productivity
  6. A results focused workforce
  7. A more self aware workforce
  8. Improved team work
  9. Increased feedback from your staff regarding what is, and what isn’t working
  10. A more innovative workforce


What people are saying about this course

I learned a great deal on how to improve myself and my relationships with my colleagues

Informative session that encouraged me to think about some things I usually avoid thinking about.

It’s a valuable examination of what comprises a good or bad working relationship.

The instructor was able to involve and interest all participants by relating the material to our jobs.

Clearly explained concepts.  Good involvement techniques.

Would you recommend RoR to others?

Yes. This course will crack open some limiting beliefs people have and from there they can make a choice to move forward or not.

Yes and I have.  After the course everyone I ran into I told them they had to go to the next one and they said they would!

I will definitely refer others to the workshop. It’s extremely valuable and we might be able to reduce the number of “Victims” we have running around.

Yes. It’s a great way to look at how to create better results.

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