Keynote Speaking

Our keynote speaking can be counted on to deliver thought provoking useful content in an entertaining and humorous manner. We are available to speak with highly engaged small groups or to offer entertaining presentations to thousand of participants.

Dennis Hilton

Dennis has been a highly rated speaker and trainer for 24 years. He is an outstanding keynote and conference speaker who can be counted on to deliver a tailored message to your audience in an entertaining, thought provoking and humorous manner. Dennis knows that laughing and learning go hand in hand. Here is a partial list of topics that Dennis has delivered in the past.

  1. Creating a Culture of Service Excellence
  2. Becoming an Employer of Choice
  3. Dealing with Change and Learning to Love It
  4. Your Top People are Retiring, Now What?
  5. The Roots of Organizational Excellence
  6. How to Create Better Business Results
  7. Purpose, Intention and Results
  8. How to increase Employee Performance
  9. The Power of Recognition
  10. Making Tough Decisions
  11. How to Build Your Business for Long Term Success

Rnold Smith

Throughout Rnold Smith’s career he has been on a quest to understand the key’s to individual and organizational success. He is an “empathy” expert and his business management philosophy focuses on superb service, culture transformation and effective communication with internal and external customers.

He has been in business management for over a decade and in sales and marketing for 22 years in a variety of industries; retail, professional services, the entertainment industry, and hospitality. As business development manager he helped to grow a firm from $50,000 in revenue to over 1.2 million in less than five years. He has also helped companies go from “I don’t think I can do this anymore” to “ I love working here”. As consultant he focuses on improving sales and marketing processes while helping organizations be great places to work. He believes that positively impacting workplaces is a crucial contribution to the success of our society.

Here is a list of Rnold’s topics:

  1. The Top Three Selling Mistakes (and What to Do About Them)
  2. How to Make Your Customers Your Best Salespeople
  3. Funny Business – How to laugh all the way to the bank
  4. How Do I Create Automatic Sales?