The Focus of Business is Often Mis-directed

The traditional focus of how businesses create profit, or return on investment  is flawed because it does not focus the resources of the company in the right direction. Towards the  True PURPOSE of any business which is – exceeding or meeting customer’s expectations.

To be clear, profit and R.O.I. are outcomes or results from delivering on The Purpose“ensuring that our customers’ needs get met.”  Business must ensure that its employees and shareholders get their needs met too, but it always starts with the customers.

If strategies are chosen that focus on the purpose of the business, then it follows that the thinking, decisions and actions will be focused in the direction of the stakeholder group that makes your business successful, the customers.  Customers pay for everything including payroll, all expenses, profit and R.O.I.

Leading with Purpose means that changes in how the company organizes itself to deliver on its commitment are made with a clear sharp “why.”  It sounds like this,  “We’re making this change because:”

  1. The customers have requested it – or the change provides our customers with additional value – we compete for the loyalty of our customers
  2. It will better serve our internal customers (coworkers) – which in turn will better serve our external customers
  3. What we were doing, including the processes, policies and procedures did not improve the quality and consistency of our internal or external customer service
  4. This means that efforts to improve;
  • quality
  • warranties
  • processes
  • procedures
  • cost structures
  • productivity
  • performance
  • teamwork, cooperation
  • communication
  • support, recognition

will then have a razor sharp “why” behind them, making it far easier for employees at all levels to willingly and actively support proposed changes. They “see” and “feel” the integrity and alignment in the thinking and decisions  making it easier for them to “buy in.”

Dennis Hilton

Helping people leaders and teams deliver outstanding results for over 25 years.

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