Do You Want Top Performance from Your People? Learn How to “SEE”

Is your staff performance just “good enough?”    One of the biggest challenges any organization faces is tapping into the discretionary effort of the people who work there.  We help organizations Sustainably Engage Employees or “SEE“.  Most people intuitively understand that it is essential for their organization to effectively engage employees. The question is, is it worth the effort?

To answer that question you will need to know two things;

  1. How to do it?
  2. What results can I expect after it is done?

Here is the answer to question 2: In the past there was little data available that measured the results of this type of work but that has changed thanks to organizations like Towers Watson.  In their 2012 global workforce study, they found that companies that SEE are three times more profitable than companies that don’t engage their employees.  Companies that SEE are also able to retain their current talent and attract the best and brightest employees because the company makes it a priority to meet employees non-monetary needs.

This leads to question 1.  How do you do it?  

Although there are many variables it starts with making the ongoing commitment.  Then the process of understanding your employees needs and identifying what systems and processes are hampering employee engagement are next.  It must be a priority to make the necessary changes so progress is achieved and employees are actively supported to outperform your competition.  It is not about doing more, but doing things differently.

Continuous Improvement is necessary in all organizations whether top performance is a goal or not. Why? Because customers, employees and shareholders needs and expectations are continually changing.  Having employees willingly engage in improving what they do and how they do it is essential to all employers that want to compete and win in their marketplace .

YES the return on this investment is worth it – The tangible results of a satisfied fully engaged staff are tripling your profits.  The intangible results are a business full of happy fulfilled people all working together towards a common goal.  Or in other words, a really great place to work.  Is there a better investment you could make?

Here is a great talk by Dan Pink which may give you some insight about motivation.

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