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Reasons or Results…You Choose

“There are two things in life, reasons and results – and reasons don’t count.”



Today’s world requires that employees at all levels learn how to do more with less in the face of relentless change and increasing responsibilities.  It’s no surprise then that despite best efforts; people may feel frustrated and overwhelmed – maybe even stressed out.

There is hope. As George Bernard Shaw said,The people who get on in this world are the people who get up in the morning and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” 

The APS has selected a new set of core competencies that employees will be expected to assimilate and integrate into their day to day practices at work.  Reasons or Results – YOU Choose is designed with them in mind and will help you understand how you will benefit from adopting them as your own, in other words, “WIIFM” what’s in it for me to adopt the competencies as my own.

This two-day workshop will provide you with proven, practical tools to make sense of your current situation and focus on ways to achieve higher levels of performance and satisfaction.

An additional benefit for those who attend RoR is they will find real significant application and benefit to their personal lives.  Some who have attended say it was more valuable personally.

We believe people want to contribute and feel included as part of a team and go home feeling good about themselves and their accomplishments. You might ask, “How do I do that?”  Join us and find out.


Better, more consistent results are there for the taking.


To learn how to be more results oriented and answer this question: “What’s in it for me to do so?”

Results – outcomes

By the end of our time together you will:


  1. Understand the power of purpose of life, work and of working
  2. Learn an innovative results-producing performance improvement process
  3. Understand change and how to make it work for you
  4. See the hidden value in your “stress and frustration”
  5. Understand why being “more responsible” is essential to better results
  6. Understand why acceptance is a key to improving your results
  7. Experience the freedom and power of “being truly accountable”
  8. Learn how to increase your influence with people, change and results
  9. Strengthen your intention (to get better results).

Reasons of Results YOU Choose!!

On June 25, 2011 we offered a workshop titled Reasons or Results YOU Choose and had 25 participants attend for the 3 hour introduction to the class.

Here is what people had to say about the workshop.

What did you find most valuable?

  • All of it! Would have liked him to go into more detail and also break into groups and do more exercises to really learn it.
  • I found that getting rid of the phrase “I know” and becoming a much better listener will help me to be a much better communicator
  • It really got me back in touch with some of the technology that I got from The Pursuit of Excellence and it was presented in a more powerful way – improved technology.
  • The real and practical examples of how to apply the work, that’s the way I learn best.
  • How he had taken his experiences and knowledge to create a model that could be thought as it gives a structure that can be implemented and modified with time.

Have your results improved since?

  • Yes, I’ve been approaching more people about my business and getting out of my comfort zones more. Taking more ownership of my results both good and bad
  • Yes. My business has grown almost 20% and I continually look as the “above the line, below the line” model we were given.

What do you want to learn more of?

  • More work in the classroom. People getting in action in the room and not having a back door
  • More about strengthening my intention and do some exercises around it.
  • I think the participant involvement was good and more would be better.
  • SIMPLY: How can we motivate ourselves when we’re in the hole? What works during the worst of times?
  • What do I have to learn to obtain better results or more importantly what actions are effective?
  • Something that can be done using his material to demonstrate or show that in fact it works
  • I want to take the knowledge we have know about the chart and take that to thee next level. Specific weekly steps that will act as a road map for my ultimate success. I would like to explore more of how to handle the damaging internal dialogue that stops me from advancing. Some examples were given, but not in depth.
  • Again more specific steps that could lead to daily, weekly, monthly activity and better results

Would you recommend RoR to others?

  • Yes. This course will crack open some limiting beliefs people have and from there they can make a choice to move forward or not.
  • Yes and I have. After the course everyone I ran into I told them they had to go to the next one and they said they would!
  • I will definitely refer others to the workshop. It’s extremely valuable and we might be able to reduce the number of “Victims” we have running around.
  • Yes. It’s a great way to look at how to create better results.

The link between the APS 2013 Competencies and RoR

I have gone through the APS Competency model and our Reasons or Results – YOU Choose course and concluded that all of the competencies apply directly to RoR.  I have outlined how they apply and described why they are part and parcel of the class.

RoR is about better results for all stakeholder groups – customers, employees, Albertans/taxpayers and the communities so the following applies:

Systems Thinking

  • We ask participants to consider the impact their decisions have on all stakeholder groups
  • CHANGE and thinking about the changing environment – adapting and being versatile is critical to delivering better results – there is more than one way to get from point A to point B.
  • The whole or BIG picture is important so solutions can be found that are innovative and sustainable and don’t just solve the immediate issue and leave the larger problem unaddressed


Creative Problem Solving

  • RoR is about “seeing things differently” (perspectives) and it is about breaking with the “status quo” (not changing) and finding new ways to deliver outstanding results to all stakeholder groups
  • RoR is about being “solution oriented” and being less “problem oriented” (often perpetuated by the workplace culture that has been developed and nurtured over many years)


  • RoR is all about delivering outstanding results and learning how to do that



  • Anyone who wants better results must be willing to change the way they think, make decisions and take actions or behave
  • Agility means delivering outstanding results is more important than the reasons why we “can’t”
  • Employees/people must have a good relationship with change and must see it as a natural part of life and work.
  • Those who instinctively resist or push back against change are unlikely to improve their results personally or professionally.


Continuous Improvement is required in every ministry by every employee, why? Because Albertans/taxpayers needs change over time, as do the customers APS employees serve everyday and of course employees needs change/increase too.

Understanding the Key Change Motivators is key to understanding change and becoming more agile in the day to day responsibilities each employee has.

  • This goes beyond simply meeting the monetary needs and focuses on the non-monetary needs of employees.  Employees’ willingness to offer more discretionary effort increases dramatically when they have real opportunities to contribute, to grow and become more competent.
  • Understanding the Change Process is a key to making RoR work for individuals and teams


Drive for Results

  • Reasons or Results – YOU Choose is about improving results and nothing else.
  • Employees are asked to answer the questions WIIFM, what’s in it for me to want to deliver better results?
  • Personal motivation is key to having individuals want to deliver exceptional customer service to internal and external customers alike.
  • At the end of the day being an employee in the APS must be about delivering outstanding results.

The GoA and APS is in the process of redefining the expectations it has of all employees.  To secure buy-in and support for these new competencies the GoA/APS must change the expectations to change the results.


Develop Networks

  • One of the core principles of RoR is this, “the better my relationships the better my results.”
  • A skill we teach in RoR is how to “Influence, People, Change and Results.”  People who deliver outstanding results consistently have more influence.
  • Building trust is the foundation of excellent relationships.
  • It is about working with and through others.


Build Collaborative Environments

  • As noted above individuals who want to deliver consistent high quality service to others must collaborate with and through others.
  • It is essential that they are supported to collaborate because it is an “organizational imperative” and priority of the APS and Government of Alberta.
  • The core of collaboration is valuing and respecting what others see, what others say and what others do and contribute.

Develop Self and Others

RoR is a self development learning opportunity and is based on these ideals:

Awareness is a pre-requisite for change – people can’t and don’t change what they don’t know

Change is the only constant – those who want better results personally or professionally will have to change the way they think, make decisions or take actions or behave.

Results is the only true measure of effectiveness – “without results it’s just my opinion and my opinion only counts if it is backed up by the results I generate”

Reasons or Results – YOU Choose is based on this statement – “there are two things in life, reasons and results and reasons don’t count,” (reasons or justifications or explanations or rationalizations as to why the results I promised weren’t delivered is what far too many people are really good at i.e. “My reasons why not are more important than my results!”)

A core element of RoR is learning the value of being 100% accountable for ALL results and is essential for individuals and organizations that want improved or better results consistently, i.e. “My results are more important than my reasons why not!”

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