Principles, Beliefs and Practices

We offer our Principles, Beliefs and Practices to help people understand what we are about and what we want for every person we encounter.

People are for the most part not informed or educated about the idea or benefits of having Principles, Beliefs and Practices.  We believe that they form the Foundation upon which people build a life.

In my 30 years in the field of personal and professional development I’ve created and refined this set of Principles, Beliefs and Practices.  How do they feel and fit for you?


  1. Life has a higher purpose
  2. We honour and feed our spirit – be passionate about that which breathes life into us
  3. Vision is a pre-requisite for a fulfilled life
  4. Results are a measure of intention
  5. There is more wisdom in the collective than the individual – broaden your perspective
  6. Results are for learning
  7. Practice furthers…
  8.  What we put out comes back – The law of vibration
  9. True change starts with me
  10. I approach my life and my circumstances with dignity and clear purpose


  1. Humour lightens the load
  2. People are inherently capable
  3. Nothing has any inherent significance
  4. What you don’t say controls you
  5. I have the life I want (results) or my reasons why not
  6. My results are the best indication of what is important to me
  7. Comparison is the source of all unhappiness
  8. People are more important than things
  9. I am authentic and transparent
  10. I am as fulfilled and happy as I choose to be


  1. My performance counts – what goes around comes around – what I put out comes back
  2. I stay in action
  3. I find my voice – I speak up and speak out with clear intention
  4. I am open to give and open to receive feedback
  5. I support, encourage and recognize others for their contributions
  6. I know how to change attitudes
  7. I operate with high purpose
  8. I live through my vision
  9. I am present
  10. I recognize and appreciate myself for my accomplishments and my contributions

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