About Successful Business Inc.

We develop people, leaders, and teams deliver outstanding results.  For over 25 years we have been helping organizations with workplace issues such as:

  • Employee Engagement,
  • Mediocre Customer Service,
  • Attracting and Retaining Top Employees,
  • Inconsistent and Ineffective Supervisory and Management Practices,
  • and Under-performing Sales and Marketing.

We help companies to play the “Game of Business” so that everyone wins.  We know exactly what it takes to make this happen and can lead you through a simple step by step process to do that.

Dennis Hilton

Dennis Hilton

About Dennis

More than 25 years experience + expertise

Dennis brings more than 25 years of working with organizations as a keynote speaker, strategic facilitator, and professional development facilitator and trainer, coach and business consultant to clients he serves.

The founder and principal of Hilton & Associates Consulting Inc., a Vancouver, B.C. based firm specializing in Developing People Leaders and Teams that Create Outstanding Results, Hilton continues to consult with a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, government, retail and wholesale grocery, construction, automotive and education.

An area of special interest to Dennis is organizational development. Clients such as Thrifty Foods, MTU Maintenance Canada, Marketplace IGA, Craftsman Collision, the Cities of Coquitlam, Port Moody and Prince George among others, have benefited from Dennis’ expertise in planning and executing change so the organization gets from its current point A to its identified and desired point B. Aligning principles, beliefs, and practices, so individuals and teams deliver the results that the three stakeholder groups expect, is his primary focus.

A leading edge thinker

Dennis has a unique and powerful perspective to identifying and solving problems that keep employees and organizations from delivering the tangible and intangible results that customers, employees, and shareholders expect.

Dennis is a highly rated trainer who has been delivering valuable workplace training to government and private sector organizations for 23 years. His “foundational approach” to training ensures that participants return to work with clarity and focus, along with increased understanding and the tools they need to improve professional and personal results. Customer service, communication and conflict, management and leadership skills are among the many training topics Dennis delivers.

“What gets measured gets done” is a cornerstone of Dennis’ approach to increasing individual accountability, responsibility, and performance. His results-only focus ensures that clients and their staff understand their roles and responsibilities and learn how to use the tools they need to deliver outstanding results every day.

An outstanding keynote + conference speaker

Dennis can be counted on to deliver a tailored message to your audience in an entertaining, thought provoking and humorous manner. Topic areas include customer service, performance improvement, teamwork, leadership, and dealing with change.