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 Fulfilling Work ExperienceLearn the Key to Being More Fulfilled at Work, No Matter What You Do.

“Why do some people create better results from work than others?”

I’ve been attempting to answer this question for the past 20 years, “Why is it that some employees create better results from working than others?”  By better results I mean they have less stress and frustration and more enjoyment and satisfaction, work is fulfilling.  They take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow and improve what they do and how they do it.  They know they make a positive difference for others and look for ways to increase satisfaction.  Their personal priority is to meet or exceed the needs of their internal and external customers; these employees deliver value.

The answer to the question came to me when I was presenting information on the difference between the transactional and transformational approaches to customer service.  Each approach produces results; yet one creates far more desirable results for customers, co-workers and for the employee that makes the transformational choice.

Two examples illustrate the difference.  An employee does his/her job well, they focus on the transaction so as a cashier they ensure everything gets scanned, payments are made and correctly recorded and they have appropriate things to say to the customer, “hello and have a nice day” but with little sincerity.  Completing the task is most important.  Many people in customer service seem to treat customers and their requests as obligations or duties or tasks and not as people, “OK, I’ll do it, it’s my job.”  Often they treat co-workers the same way.  The only important thing is the transaction.  There is not much flexibility as the “it’s not my job” attitude shows up in words and behaviours.  They see work as a transaction; they put time and get paid – they trade time for money and benefits.  It’s only about the tangible monetary results.  The non monetary intangible results are not important.

Question is what results would this transactional approach to working deliver?  How about boredom, increased frustration and stress and a lack of satisfaction?  Little creativity or imagination is seen – it is about doing what I’ve always done.  Employees might even be heard to say, “My job is boring.”

Another employee handles the transaction or the “doing or task” part of the job very well, but to him/her it is not the most important part of the job because they have a transformational approach to working.  They connect with the customer and engage in authentic conversation about a myriad of topics from weather, their purchase, having fun, telling a joke, vacation plans etc.  All these results are as important as the transaction itself.

To the transformational employee learning, growing and being helpful is a big part of their motivation.  The transformational employee does this while the transaction is handled in an almost seamless, “below the surface” manner.  This employee’s approach to work, customers and co-workers “adds value” and that makes a difference for all that interact with the transformational employee.  He/she has fun and creates a very different set of results than the “transaction/task only focused employee.”

Employees that take a transformational approach to work understand that work has far more value than simply a place to trade their time for money and benefits.

Transformational employees rarely experience having to work as an obligation or a duty – it’s not their experience.  They’ve learned that they take from work in direct proportion to what they put into it.  They look for ways to improve what they do and how they do it because they see themselves as a difference maker.  They have a sense of higher purpose.

Imagine the results that this approach to work would reap in other areas of life including family, children, friends and one’s mental and emotional health.

Clarity is a powerful tool.  Employees that want more and better results from work and from life need to make a choice and decide what is “truly most important to them” and then act on that newfound clarity.

Developing a transformational approach to work and life starts with acknowledging I want better results and that “I need to be the change I want to see in my world”

The Transactional approach to work

I do my job

I put in my time

I work hard enough to not get fired

Working is about my paycheck my benefits

Work is a necessary evil

I work because I have to – it’s an obligation – it’s a duty

I have bills to pay and mouths to feed


The Transformational approach to work

I do my job well and do my best to make my customers’ experience and mine as enjoyable as possible – I want to make things better and be part of the solution

I add value to the transaction

I find ways to be a positive difference maker

I willingly look for ways to improve my and my co-workers customers’ results

I invest myself so I create the best return on my investment of time and energy

My “non-monetary” needs/benefits are as important as my monetary needs i.e. pay and benefits


Reasons or Results – YOU CHOOSE is a course that supports this transformational philosophy.  It focuses on helping employees take this important step in making their work lives more meaningful and rewarding for the people they serve, for their co-workers and for themselves.


Dennis Hilton

Successful Business Inc.

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